John Williford


John Williford’s remarkable 20-year career of clinical and spiritual guidance is reinforced by the   many accolades from pastors, colleagues, students, and clients.  There is no doubt that he is instrumental in many lives by consistently providing unadulterated spiritual guidance to those in need.  He is particularly noted for his combination of humor, compassion and straight forward approach when addressing inconvenient topics —conflict resolutions, forgiveness, communication, infidelity and early childhood emotional trauma.  Routinely called upon to speak as a clinician and educator, John is recognized as an expert in matters relating to marriage and family dynamics, leadership and cross-cultural relationships.

Photo by sergeichekman/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by sergeichekman/iStock / Getty Images


Life Journey provides counseling for individuals, couples and families.  Issues addressed are conflict resolution, infidelity, depression, stress, anxiety, gender identity,  


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